The Rekna-SF Energy Solution

Creates Fossil Free Synfuels from Organic Waste

The REKNA ENERGY solution comprises of patented technology that uses hydrocarbon-based material (all types of green material and all types of burnable waste and coal) and converts it into catalytic biogeneric fuel that can be used to blend existing hydrocarbon diesel or alternatively utilised directly into applicable use. REKNA ENERGY Fossil Free Fuel produces a much higher standard than EN590 Din EU and EURO 4-5 standard diesel fuel and exerts less emissions than standard refinery diesel, which is good for the environment. REKNA and its purpose fit technologies can treat any hydrocarbon-based material (raw or waste) such as crude oil, crude sludge, brown coal, waste oils and all types of green matter and all types of burnable waste (such as sewage sludge, wood, and plastics)


Further products that can be produced is Bitumen and distillates such as Aviation Fuel and Kerosene. Our solution can also provide water and Electricity to homes, offices or back into the grid.

Our technologies have no danger of discharge or toxic gasses such as furans or dioxins or any harmful emissions compared to standard refineries. The process is reliable and safe and needs very low maintenance.

  • Fossil Free Synthetic Fuel Blends
  • Environmentally Blended Diesel
  • Environmentally Blended Aviation Fuels
  • Environmentally Bitumen / HFF Fuels

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